Manila Ropes

Manufactured from fibres obtained from the leaves of abacca plants, Manila is the strongest of the natural fibres and results in hard wearing, low stretch, general purpose ropes which are superior to Sisal Ropes in their resistance to weathering fungal attacks and moisture.

Typical Applications

Nets (Safety/Cargo)
Capstan Rope
Driving Ropes
Rope Ladders
Guy Ropes

High strength when dry but reduced marginally when wet (less than sisal ropes however)
Approximately 10% elongation dry and 12-13% wet
Low energy absorption (do not stretch significantly under load)
Good abrasion and resist external wear well
Does not float in water
Strong resistance to most chemicals and are not affected by volatile petroleum solvents, mineral oils and alkalis
Sensitive to mineral acids, paints, detergents, chemical salts and very humid or dry atmospheric conditions. Prone to fungal attacks, however its resistance is higher than Sisal
The rope is combustible
Absorb water readily and fibres lose strength when wet
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