Polypropylene Ropes

Manufactured from extruded Polypropylene film, monofilament, multifilament or staple fibre, Polypropylene rope is an economical general purpose rope, suitable for a wide range of industrial applications (mining and construction to marine and domestic purposes) Stabilised against harmful UV radiation.

Typical Applications

Anchor & Mooring Lines for Small craft
Lead Ropes and Rope Ladders
Cable Draw Cord
Ship Docking
Towing & Tie-downs

Extremely strong
Unaffected by water
Elongation of approximately 20% depending on size and construction
Energy Absorption
Can absorb repeated shock loads of relatively high orders
Floats on water
Resistant to most acids and alkalis, common solvents & oxidising agents
Sensitive to bleaching & cleansing agents as well as some solvents
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